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A private space with family or small group is what dreams are made of.

Barbeque BBQ

  • At Bimal Farm

Fire up the grill, plan a picnic, and treat your friends or family with  grilled foods. 400/- per day/1-time setup rent which includes barbeque unit, skewers and coals. ( anything not mentioned here, like food, masalas, drinks, or anything else should be arranged by the guest )

Feed the ducks and take photos

  • At Bimal Farm

You can bring along with you 🍅🥒🥕 (tomatoes, cucumber, carrot) and feed ducks and take photos with our little friends. Please do not feed cooked food to them as it is not good for their health.


  • At Bimal Farm

Imagine the fun you have in chilled winters with your friends or relatives, seating outside the house, and taking warmness from Bonfire. This is free / paid service. Means its free but we encourage you to pay something to caretaker as per your willingness. Whatever amount you pay goes to caretaker.


  • At Bimal Farm

Celebrates birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special events at a special place with a special cake.

Inform us 48 hours in advance before your check-in dates and we would make sure, you can give surprise to your loved ones. If informing in the last 48 hours, we would try our best to make cake arrangements for you

Rate 700/ half kg cake. Cake will be ordered and delivered from nearby bakery. Rates includes delivery charge as well.

Balloon placement charges Rs.500 extra if required

Full payment needs to be paid at the time of ordering

To place order call 94o57789I0

Fire Flies

  • At and near Bimal Farm

During pre-monsoon and monsoon you can see lots of fire flies.  It’s a small insect with light at the end

Vaitarna Dam Back Water

  • near Bimal Farm

Vaitarna Dam Back Waters is near Bimal Farm. It is a magnificent sight to be standing on the banks of this great back waters and do activities like children frolicking on its banks.
If available you can book bullock cart from our farm to visit this place

Bhavli Dam

It is a nice lake cum dam situated in bhavli village near Mumbai-Nashik Highway. We can  also see beautiful waterfalls near to dam in the monsoon.

Harihar Fort

One of the tops choice for trekkers. It’s a thrilling experience to climb steps with 80 degree though it is pretty safe. The most interesting thing about this fort is that it looks like rectangular in shape from the base village and built on a triangular prism of rock. Once you reach the hilltop, charm in the beauty of the elongated plateau which holds a small temple of Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva.

Trimbakeshwar Temple

The Jyotirlinga temple of Trimbakeshwar is a famous pilgrimage destination for the Hindus, and is one of most important 12 Jyotirlinga sites in India. A crown studded with precious stone jewels rests on top of this Linga, which is said to have come down from the Pandava.  Made out of black stones this temple is situated at the foot of the Brahmagiri Hills against the background of dense forest.


Anjaneri Fort is one of the two major forts in the area. It is located at the fabled birth place of Lord Hanuman. The fort has been named after the mother of Lord Hanuman, Anjani. The fort is located at a height of 4200 feet above the sea level can be reached on foot, by using some stairs and trekking. There also some religious caves on the way to the fort. There is a temple of Anajani Mata on the peak of the hill and a small lake which has shape of foot. The area is also dotted with several carvings from Jain Tirthankars and a statue of Lord Buddha.

Prati Kedarnath Temple

Mini Kedarnath in Nashik. Located near Ajneri-Trimbakeshwar, the resemblance of the temple to the Kedarnath Temple is what serves as its main point of attraction.


Peaceful hill center with a Burmese-style pagoda & gardens. Dhamma Giri, meaning ‘Hill of Dhamma’ is one of the world’s largest Vipassana meditation centers. It is co-located with the Vipassana Research Institute

Nashik Flower Park

Flower park with approx 50lacs flowers. Flower park remains open from November to February. Remaining months Water Park remains open.

Sula Vineyards

Sula. Perhaps one of the most popular wine brands in India, Sula is also known for its annual music festival and vineyard experience. 


The River Godavari originates from Brahmagiri hills which is considered the giri or hill of Lord Brahma. It is also said that this hill was inhabited by sage Gautam and Ahalya, his wife. Saint Gautam brought the River Godavari to this hill, by praying to Lord Shiva. The Brahmagiri hills with its rugged terrain are not only attractive to pilgrims but also nature and adventure lovers. Climbing up the hilltop of Brahmagiri Hill is very nice and great thrilling experience. Almost it takes three hours to finish climbing task. Visit temples on Brahmagiri Hill, Kedarnath Temple, Godavari Mata, Lord Shiva Temple and Narayan Swamy Temple.

Gajanan Maharaj Ashram

Close to Trimbakeshwar in the Shegaon area, the Ashram and samadhi of Gajanan Maharaj is located. He is one of the popular and respected saints. This ashram participates in the many mystic activities that the saints carry out for the general well being of the people. Each year, hundreds of devotees visit this ashram, to pay homage to the saint. Thursday is considered the most auspicious day for visiting the ashram.

Pahine Waterfalls

A must visit during monsoon. You can see reverse waterfalls, where instead of water flowing down from hill, will flow in upward direction. This happens because wind force from downside is so powerful that it forces water to flow upwards. This happens at very few place in the world, and one of them is at Pahine Waterfalls. Checkout youtube videos at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oPbatleCCo and one more at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SdZcx2-ZI8 

Coin Museum

It is located on Trimbakeshwar-Nashik road. It is only of its kind in Asia and having a very good collection of Indian currency as well as research documents of the India from centuries. Coin Museum displays comprise of coins, moulds, dyes, replicas, photographs, numismatic material, along with bronze, terracotta’s, copper-hoard objects, paintings and some historical artifacts.

Perfect spot for a time away with friends or with someone special

This farm was amazing. Perfect spot for a time away with friends or with someone special. It’s beautifully located amidst nature with a great view from the balcony. The house is also beautifully built and designed. It was also very clean – especially the washrooms. The host and helper Hira were highly responsive and there to help us with every need – food, directions, WiFi. Hira even set up a small campfire for us. We had a really good time, would recommend for all


Great service delivery

Well maintained farm place, highly furnished and great service delivery. The owner is a great guy. Pitch perfect for bachelors outing. Additionally, it’s located in the vicinity of ShriTrimbeskhwar Jyotirlinga and Sula.

Gulshan Kumar

Secure and close to nature

The location was nice and property is just another home in a remote location. That the comfort it gave, being in remote felt secure and it’s very close to nature. Based on the visit, recommend this property and especially in the monsoon! View from the balcony is great! Mr. Thakkar received well and all arrangements are nicely taken care! The property caretaker is also good, at that remote location u cant expect a 5star service but the Owner has taken care of all the basic things which are needed for a vacation!


Great place for friends and family

The location is very peaceful. Away from City hustle and noise. The caretaker was very helpful. Overall a great place for friends and family.

Madhulika Tripathi

Perfect place for a family trip..

Great experience. Perfect place for a family trip..

Abhilash Sampat

Peaceful stay

Best place to spend some time with nature. The whole property was very clean and most important the caretaker was very helpful and prompt. Will definitely visit again.

Aniket Kerhalkar

An ideal getaway

Had an amazing stay at Bimal Farmhouse. We loved the place, decor, and facilities. You can enjoy nature’s serenity as the place is blessed with natural greenery. They have a great bathtub as well wherein you can relax and free yourself from the stress.

Kalpana Solanki